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So the big question is this, what would you do if money didn’t matter? So you had millions in your bank account, what would you focus on? Would you spend more time with your family, with your wife, with your kids, take family vacations.

Would you pursue your gifts and talents and dreams? Serve your local community, teach others, serve your church.

You see if what you would do if money didn’t matter, it was pursuing your gifts and talents and dreams to serve others, and that is probably what you should be doing.

The problem is most people are in the rat race, living five inches in front of their face with no time to pursue what they were born to do. That is the problem and the solution is to develop enough passive income to replace your working income so you can quit your job and be free to live your life the way you were created to.

That is the solution and this podcast will show you how…

Hey, what’s up everybody? This is Ryan Enk with cashflow dad life and this episode we’re gonna. We have a very unique guest with us. He’s the owner of elevation group. Their goal is to empower the world with strategies of the wealthy and what he’s going to go over today is a five step formula for creating, keeping and protecting your wealth and passive income.

Generation wealth is something everyone strives for to create a legacy for their children, their children’s children, and beyond. 

And I want you guys to think about this for a second, you know, two of the wealthiest families in history or the rockefellers and the carnegies, but the strategies that we’re going to learn today are the strategies of the rockefellers. Now, the rockefellers actually kept their generational wealth throughout, you know, a couple of lineages of a, of kids.

Now, the Carnegie’s, uh, have all lost it, you know, they, they’ve accumulated a tremendous wealth, but they didn’t protect it and keep it. So without further ado, Brian fouts is the, uh, is the owner of the elevation group and he is on the line. Brian, you there?

I’m here, Ryan. Appreciate the inviting. Glad to be here. Awesome.

So today you’re going to kind of give us kind of the backstory of how you came up with this five step formula.

Yeah, definitely. And you know, it’s, it’s unique and how we were able to come up with this because my brother Jake and I mean he’s, he’s my brother and owner of the elevation group as well. We, we came up through the traditional path, you know, when to college, get good grades, get a good job and you know, hope that you’re going to be able to be financially secure or some point in the future.

And that wasn’t it for us. And so we went on a journey to find out how to invest, how to build wealth and really live that life that, you know, we dreamed of…

And that led us to the elevation group in fact. And we became members as in, you know, we were members before we were the owners. And then the strategies that we learned inside there and what we saw happening with inside there and what we saw wealthy people doing that was different than everybody else.

Let us to eventually becoming the owners of the elevation group…

You know. So I, when I say that I believe in this stuff, I truly believe in it because it has led me on an incredible adventure and journey in my life and I’m super passionate about sharing that experience and sharing what we’ve learned with everybody else so they can do the same thing and one of the things that we saw was these, this five step formula of how you can really achieve this but also keep it and you can go create money and wealth there. That’s great.

You can go do that. But there’s some key things that we’ve seen other people do that allows them to really grow it and keep it and then pass it on that um, really helps them have a more fulfilled life and make an impact in the world with that wealth, which I think everybody wants to do.

We want to make an impact to those around us and, you know, leave a legacy and all that. And so this is actually why we came up with this and why we’re so happy to share it. Joe, that’s awesome. So what, what are the steps? I think we’re all curious.

Yeah, definitely. So you know, the first step is you have to create something massive. You have to have massive die that’s going to give you a, when I call massive income or massive capital to work with because you can’t really, uh, you know, the best way to get wealthy is to have more income or to create more income that you can then do something with.

And maybe that sounds obvious to sell. Maybe this sounds like, well, what do you mean? And what I mean by that is that when most of us start out in life, we’re taught to go, you know, work hard, go to school, get good grades, get a good job and work hard, that job, you know, and save some money here and there.

But in reality, if you want to really build wealth, you know, getting a $5 per hour raise is not going to do that.

Getting a 10 percent raise or promotion isn’t going to do that.

You have to have something to massive to work with.

And, um, if you want to have that quickly in your life, and you know, most people that we work with our membership, they go through their lives doing that and then they get to a certain point and realize, Oh man, I’m in trouble.

Uh, you know, I’ve, I’ve gone over half my life and I don’t have anything saved. I’m not there, I don’t have financial security. And they realized that traditional path is probably not going to provide that. And so we’re saying, well, how do you, what do you do?

And so, you know, and some people can have it through their job or a, you know, a business and maybe their doctor and they create massive income.

Or if you are in that place where you’re saying, what do I do? Step one, well, here’s what we’ve seen sort of, you have to create a massive amount of capital work with and they’re, it’s easier than ever today to do that. And that’s what’s so incredible about that, you know, today.

Um, and so I think about it, you know, you can be an entrepreneur, you can go create an idea or solve a problem and be the leader in a space and get massive value that way you can buy an existing business or become a business owner.

That’s one of the most phenomenal ones. That’s how I, I’ve done it. I actually wouldn’t have bought existing businesses and it’s easier than ever when you consider that know there’s 10,000 baby boomers retiring everyday and a large majority of them are business owners, but they have a big problem.

They can’t sell their business so they can’t stop reading. So they can’t retire actually. And in that space it’s a buyer’s market. So if you’re a business buyer, you are in a great position. So it’s a great strategy to create massive income in your life very quickly.

And then the third way is that a, you can go learn a new skill or a new skill set or knowledge that you have a which is, you know, in the Internet space, that’s one of our common ways to, to create passive income. It’s easier than ever to do, to go learn that and stuff and we see that happen every single day. So that’s step number one to just create massive capital that you can go work with.

You’re not, we’re not talking about, hey, you got a little disposable income, invest in your 401k.

We’re talking about getting out there and being an entrepreneur, getting a side hustle, going, starting a small business, buying a business that there’s lots of ways to start creating this massive, um, this income coming into your life.

So that’s step one is to just create that extra income and low way by investing in the stock market or you know, you’re going

Right? And so you said $10,000 as an example. That’s a great one. So if you have 10,000 people are always looking, how do I take $10,000 investment and have passive income so I’m financially secure, my response is going to be get to work, go make that $10,000 will work for you. Turn that $10,000 into a million dollars because there’s no.

I mean, unless you get lucky and win the lottery or the crypto lottery as an example, at $10,000 is not going to passively turn itself into a million dollars very quickly. It’s just not going to happen. But you can take that $10,000 and you can leverage it with knowledge and access to a network and you can turn it into a million dollars.

You can do it. It happens all the time. But that’s, that’s Kinda where we go with that. And Yeah, you mentioned the Farro and gay and I won’t get into the forum.

Okay. On this one, but that’s, you know, that’s a scam. It is a scan of the perpetrator, you know, 40 years ago and yeah, I mean, you can put your money in there and it’s going to grow, but it’s going to grow.

It’s not going to solve an immediate problem how to create massive income and massive wealth, you know. So, uh, that’s step one. Um, and you’re right, you know, it’s not saving a little bit here and there. I’m talking about how do you do it very quickly.

Step two though, is very, very, very important because this is one that a lot of people miss out. You have to have a step to get, to have a strategy where you can put money, put that well through creating is going to guarantee that it is going to grow, get guaranteed this is going to grow and it’s going to secure your financial future.

So imagine that, that you had a strategy that you can put your money into that’s going to guarantee its growth and guarantee your family’s financial security and guarantee your financial freedom in the future. So maybe that’s for some people that’s retirement, but imagine that if you had that strategy and you can easily do it and start today, and that’s what we call elevation banking. It’s sort of the strategies that we’ll talk about a little bit.

Um, you know, after these five steps.

But that’s a foundational strategy that is used by like one out of 10,000 Americans even knows about this strategy. And the rockefellers, as you mentioned, they know the strategy. Walt Disney knew this strategy, a lot of like rothchilds that family. They don’t, they’re very wealthy. They know this strategy. Senator John McCain uses a strategy.

JFK used it, president taft, lots of presidents have used this strategy and, and it’s a foundational strategy that allows you to make your money go work twice as hard for you and also secure it and make sure that it is going to be there in the future for you.

So that’s the second step is to make sure that you have a strategy to funnel that wealth into so that you are secure, financially secure. Um, step three when we talk about is that as you create this wealth, you have to make sure that it is safe. You have to safeguard it, uh, cause when you start creating massive wealth in your life, guess what? You’re gonna attract predators, financial predators.

You’re gonna attract the attention of the irs and the government. I’m the farthest people that have, you have, um, you know, the one is still your wealth from you. Do, you have to protect it? But it’s super easy to do these things. Um, it’s, it’s basically a business entity around your stuff.

It’s a family trust and estate planning, very, very simple stuff that a lot of people miss out on. And as a result you can lose your wealth.

You can, people can steal it from you. The irs is going to come and just end, you know, penalize you for it. But there’s very, very, very simple things that wealthy individuals that we studied with use and they use their network as well to safeguard their wealth, to make sure that it’s protected, but vegetable stuff to put in place.

So make sure that your wealth is safe so that people can’t come and take it from you. Um, and then you know, then you think about it, you know, one out of four people are going to be sued in their lifetime, one out of four.

So, and as you make more wealth, that number goes up. So safeguarding your wealth, even if it’s $10,000 or a million dollars, it doesn’t matter.

You have to protect it. Make sure that your family safe and that you are safe. In practical terms, are you talking about putting it into an llc to protect it or is that just one of the strategies?

That’s one. So there’s typically when you do this, there’s multiple different things you’re gonna want to put in place, but yeah, an LLC is one of the simplest ones and it’s incredible how many people start doing things and making money online as an example and don’t even have that in place.

And what that allows you to do is separate your personal assets from your business assets so that something happens in your business. They can’t take your personal assets. Um, I personally use age a trust as well, and I wrapped it around my personal assets to protect them.

That’s also an estate planning strategy. But yeah, definitely having an llc stuff in place and is one of the first things that I recommend everybody does. Also, you know, like that has massive benefits though from a tax perspective and other strategies that we teach that allow you to actually keep more of your wealth.

Because in when you safeguard your wealth, it allows you to keep more as well because the irs all of a sudden can grab as much of it. You have no business strategy, deductions for taxes, all sorts of stuff. It’s really fun when you get into it, but once again, it’s super easy to set up a. just make sure that you are protecting yourself.

These all kind of go together and you can probably see the pictures that a lot of people, they have a business that business, something happens to it. Let’s say in 2008 you had a real estate business boom. Nothing was nailed hard. All of a sudden you had no income. Right?

The people that we work with, it we studied that we know are our advisors. Yeah. They had a couple of businesses that were bad in 2008, but guess what? They didn’t really care because they had multiple sources of income.

They had multiple assets, real estate, you know, a couple of businesses. They had different things that they could get a revenue from or income from and so that.

That’s the thing we teach people is what are different ways that you can acquire assets that are going to pay you over time, and when I say assets, I’m not talking, I’m talking about things like real estate. They’re going to pay you month in, month out, overtime for the longterm so that you are financially free.

That truly right there to meet is financial. Freedom is when you can, if you work or not, you still haven’t come into your life. So those are the five steps that we talked about and once again, you know, having a lot of people, they. They’re aware of a couple of the steps, but when you put it in to place as a simple formula, it’s very easy to fall and create massive wealth.

It’s incredible how easy it is something. When you look at, Hey, you know this gentleman, this entrepreneur, did you know the steps and look at where that today versus another entrepreneur, creative business, they’re on a beach, but next, next year they might be back working hard because they realize, man, I don’t have any income.

All of a sudden my business went away. For some reason,

Right? So I think that most people kind of understand, um, one, three, four, and five, you know, people need to understand for the most part that they need to create a large amount of wealth and then they understand that they need to protect it, some sort of way.

A lot of people understand about acquiring assets in diversifying with multiple sources of income.

The, the, the real interesting part of this strategy is, is step two to me, because how do you guarantee that your money grows and secure your financial future at the same time? How do you do?

[14:04] Yeah. So there’s, there’s people could probably try to think about that and maybe come up with a couple of examples. A lot of people think about, well, what about a 401k that’s the traditional people that are working in a job and I’ve had 401ks before, so people will think, oh, 401k, I put one into there is going to grow, but once again, it’s not guaranteed it’s going to grow and it will be there in the future. Right. Well, think about the four one k though. Why does it 401k exist? Because it didn’t exist until, you know, for a little over 40 years ago, it did not exist. The 401k, uh, is, you know, it’s, it’s I irs section 401k of the eye of the Internal Revenue Service Code, no tax code. And so how many people trust with just the irs, most people don’t know, really trusted to, um, because they’re, you know, their job is to generate as much revenue as possible for the government.

And so the vehicle that you’re investing in is their strategy to get as much money from you as possible. They don’t care if they get it today or down the road because it’s down the road. They control the, the tax rates, they’ll get it from you eventually. And so, but it’s not guaranteed, but the 401k is also also, um, you know, Wall Street’s cash, cow name it, that’s how they generate so much incredible profits is because of the ire of theK , but it’s not guaranteed.

So what is guaranteed out there? Well, there’s a strategy that we call elevation banking that allows you to put your money into a strategy, allows it to grow guaranteed compounding year after year, and also allows you. The second thing and allows you to do is you can borrow that money from that strategy from your central bank, your own bank and invest in assets.

MoneyBut here’s the crazy thing. So imagine that if you have $100,000 in your own personal bank that is making five percent compounded every year. Okay, that’s great. That’s huge.

That’s more than most people get into in a four one K, I’m now imagine that you borrow $75,000 of that and go buy a asset.

Say It’s, you know, a couple of real estate properties that cash flow of a sudden would imagine the hundred thousand dollars in your elevation bank does not go down in value and does not stop earning five percent yet.

You also have the real estate too, so you’re still getting five percent on that hundred thousand dollars and you’ve borrowed $75,000 from it to go buy. The real estate is now earning you additional cash flow that it’s basically double dipping on interest and income and creating assets at the same time. Exactly.

It is one of the most incredible strategies out there and it allows you to basically, as you said, to double dip your money and make it when you work twice as hard for you, um, additionally, now that bank is going to pay you dividends because as you, because when you take the money out, it’s essentially what is called a, a policy loan and you pay it back with simple interest, but then you also get dividends from your own bank.

You’re making money that way as well every year. So there’s multiple ways that you actually get money from this. Now, here’s the incredible thing, now I’ll, I’ll explain them what the strategy is here, but guess who the number one user of this strategy is? Rockefeller.

That would be my guess. It’s banks, banks, big, big corporate banks are the ones that do the strategy. So think about this. What’s that?

They don’t want you to know about it. No, they do not. Irs does not want you to know about it. Well, she does not want you to know about it. The government doesn’t want you to know about this strategy, but it’s been around for over 100 years. It’s nothing new. It’s been around longer than the four o one k. and here’s the crazy thing.

When you go to a city like Seattle, San Francisco and New York, you see the big, big buildings and you’ll see on the side of that building, Bank of America, JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs, you see all these financial institutions and they are, have the nicest buildings.

They got marble on the inside of them. They got the nicest desks and stuff and in big, big buildings and views. And it’s just incredible, right? These are banks, they exist to make money. But guess what they do? They invest in this strategy.

This strategy is how they make lots and lots of lots of money and it’s incredible. And so you think about that like, well, why? Why are they doing that? And I’m not. Well, here’s the thing that you can do that you can, anybody can do this strategy. Um, and you know, what the strategy is and then I’ll explain to you what it is in a second here.

It’s, once again, been around for a long time and you’re going to be shocked when you hear what this is because it’s like, really?

That’s crazy. I had no idea this existed, but the vehicle that allows you to do it is just the, it’s the kind of the gate, the, uh, called the portal to the strategy and that portal or that vehicle is life insurance.

People think of life insurance. What, once again, that’s just the vehicle that allows the strategy to exist and we call elevation baking and what it is it’s called dividend paying whole life insurance as an example. And that’s kind of. And there’s a specific way that you can set that policy up to become your own bank or guaranteed interest in double dip your money.

So that’s, that’s essentially the strategy of how it works is incredible. Um, but only a few financial advisors really know how to do this and how to set it up.

But if you’re a wealthy individual, guess what you have, you have access to those types of advisors, and this is one of the strategies that we teach our members how to implement and it’s we’ve had thousands upon thousands of our members implement this in their life to create that financial security, wealth and freedom for themselves and their loved ones.

So it’s a self that I truly believe in. I have it in my life of course, and use that one. And you mentioned rich families and how they do it generational. Well, imagine if you have a family bank that you have to go to to borrow money when the economy goes down.

So let’s say the economy crashes in say 2008, you’d be shocked to know how these wealthy families were able to get wealthier and wealthier at that time is because they had access to their own bank, their own capital, and then wouldn’t bought assets at massive discounts. Right?

That’s how they create this wealth. And then they pass these banks on through the generations and they grow and grow and grow every single generation.

That is such an incredibly cool idea and to be completely honest to my listeners, I had no idea that strategy existed. I mean, that’s, that’s actually quite amazing that you could put it and, and so creative that you use a, a, a whole life insurance dividend paying insurance policy as the vehicle in which to do that.

Now I have to ask you, what is the difference between that and a self directed IRA?

Well, self directed Ira once again is limited. It’s limited by how much you put into it. The irs can tell you when you can and cannot take your money out because you take your money out, you’re, you’re penalised. Um, when you put money into the, it’s a qualified retirement plan. When you put one into an IRA is just sitting there not doing anything right.

It’s just sitting in your account. It’s actually going down in value because of inflation. You have to do something with that money. And so let’s say you put $10,000 into your IRA where you have to get $10,000 out and invest it somewhere.

But once again, it’s only invested in the asset you put it into. So let’s say you put it into real estate, well that’s where it’s sitting. So you made some money, you put into your Ira, then you had to put into the real estate and now sitting in the real estate, making casual that which is good, you’re making castle there, but that’s it.

Now that cash flow, by the way has to go back to your IRA to it has to go back to your IRA because it’s a qualified plan.

Then you’re tasked with that when it comes back out. So once you get your money, only working in one place in an IRA versus elevation banking, it’s working in both places, in the bank and in the real estate. And here’s the cool thing. You control it.

You’re the one that’s in charge you. You don’t have to go talk to a bank or get permission to make. Take your money out. You control it. Nobody telling you what to do.

That is the best position to be in. Nobody likes to be told what to do first of all. Secondly, nobody likes to be told what to do by the government or the irs. Yeah, exactly, exactly the perfect position of being. So how much money do you need to get started?

So say you know, I mean, what would 10 grand or do you, is there like an entry level?

So it’s going to be because it’s kind of the vehicle that allows you to do the strategy, which once again is life insurance, but don’t focus on life insurance because you’re not, you’re not buying life insurance, you’re buying a wealth strategy. You’re putting a wealth plan in place. Now, I started when I first did this years ago, I started with $100 a month just to test it out.

Um, a lot of people what you can do this strategy on your children as well to set them up for their future so you can, you can set your kids up for life doing this. Um, you know, if you have a lump sum, you can do that as well.

It’s called a paid up policy and you can just jump start to think right away. So we have a lot of people that are looking to do something like that and they’re saying, man, I’ve got, you know, I’ve, I have a business, has got cashflow, right, sold a business, or I’m doing something, I need to put this to work for me, but I want it to be there.

I want it to be secure.

I want my financial, my family to be safe. This is a vehicle that people use all the time for that reason right there.

Um, and you know, we have a lot of people that just say, hey, you know, I’ve had an additional thousand dollars a month coming in from, you know, a side business or my main business or my, you know, my job and I don’t want dump into a 401k or an IRA.

I want to do something different with it. That is, you know, that. Because here’s the thing, I always tell people, if you want to get different results, you have to do something different. A 401k in IRA, they’re not different, right?

You have to do something different to get different results. And these strategies, you know, like the form that we talk about is different. The elevation banking is something different.

And so that’s why I’m so passionate about teaching people how these things work because we have people that have gone from working on living paycheck to paycheck to all of a sudden being, having the cash flow and assets in their life that they never thought was possible using these strategies.

You know, it’s, it’s this incredible seeing, that transformation in people’s lives to create generation wealth for years to come.

So we have one individual, his name’s Adam, one of our members, he created aside and come on and on, and we taught them how to criticize a job. He took that money put into step two, which was his elevation bank, use that and built that up over a couple of years. And then a lot less than that actually…

And then he levers that into real estate and another business…

So we started doing assets, acquiring assets that provided him cashflow, increased his net worth so that you can see this happening in people’s lives when they do this because they follow the step by step thing, the formula, and just take action.

And so it’s, it’s, it’s very easy to do, very possible to do. But um, yeah, I mean, so, you know, we have a lot of people that want to put their money somewhere but they just don’t quite know.

They’re looking for something to do. This is the most popular one because once they see how it works and I blow it away and I’m like, Gosh, I got to really do this, I can then that molded myself the money and actually buy assets and trade cash flow is just incredible.

Is it, is it always five percent? What is the interest rate typically?

It depends on the type of policy you have. Um, there’s other variables. So we have wealth advisors on our team that we work with when you’re looking at those variables.

But I knew I had, my first one I started was, you know, three and a half percent. Some people have ones that are at six percent. It depends on what you want to do with it as well. That’s one of the secrets of what people don’t realize is out there because you can go talk to a financial advisor and they might say, Oh yeah, I can set that up for you.

Well that was my first experience with this years ago. I said, Hey, I’ve heard about this strategy, but I don’t know much about it. What do I do? So I wouldn’t ask an advisor that I knew. Um, he was, oh yeah, I can set that up for you. He said it up for me.

He had no idea what he was doing. He had a kind of, an inkling of what this was, but he didn’t really know. So we set the policy up and I lost out on tens of thousands dollars of net worth over the following three years. Oh Man. Because he didn’t know what he was doing.

And so there’s a certain way to set these up and you have to have a wealth strategist that understands how to do that. Um, and so like for me, uh, like I want to set one up for say, a child that’s a very different setup than if I want to set it up for, hey, I want to invest in real estate or I want to set it up for my retirement.

Or there’s different ways you can set these up because you can have more than one as well. And so and so that return you get is going to. It can vary a little bit, but yeah, it’s usually right around that four to five percent range.

So following and say I’ve got $150,000 in cash and I want to Bass I, I’ve got to deal with real estate, but it’s not exactly the interest. And maybe it’s at a 28 percent and I like to be over 30 percent.

Then I could actually take that money and put it into one of these policies, get that extra three percent or five percent however it’s set up. And then take that money back out and invest in the real estate…

Yes, you can. Now, when you set up a policy, there’s, there’s. There are three things that are incredible about what it does for you right off the bat. One, it creates massive wealth day one. Now what I mean by that is look at a 401k. If you put $150,000 into a 401k, how much wealth you have right off day one, whatever you put in exactly. How about an IRA.

If you could put 150 grand into an IRA right off the bat, same thing. You’d have that much in wealth or can put in the bank how much cash you’d have with elevation banking. You create massive wealth because of what is called the face value of the policy.

So you do $150,000. You might have a $3,000,000 face value that is there in case something happens to you.

So you have just completely safeguard in your, you know, your, your loved ones, your family. That’s a huge benefit that people kind of don’t really. It’s a side benefit by the way as well.

Yeah. And you don’t get that through a 401k or, or a regular IRA.

Yeah. But here’s the craziest thing about that from day one, that amount is guaranteed to be paid out at some point in the future, guaranteed to be paid out. Tax Free seems. That is how the rothschilds and rockefellers create massive family wealth right there. That’s it.

It seems. It seems like more people should have been doing this.

Uh, yes. I have 100 percent agree. Um, and then the second, the second thing that this strategy does, it is incredibly powerful, is that it allows you to leverage that money whenever you want and make it work twice for you.

That’s, I mean, that’s just ridiculous that you can do that. So like when a certain amount of the amount you put in the premiums or the lump sum goes towards the face value, but the majority call it 85 percent goes towards cash value, which is what you can loan back to yourself.

And then the third thing that is incredible is the guaranteed interest. You get guaranteed interest on that money. It just compounds time over time, which is incredible. I mean, nobody does a guarantee and people ask, well, how can it, how can they do that? How can this be possible? What? Why does this exist?

cashflowdadlifeWell, think about back in the 19 thirties and forties when you had the great depression, 9,000 banks went under. Think about that. 9,000 banks went under.

It’s incredible how much wealth was lost when that happened.

Seems like a tremendous amount would have been lost.

Yeah, and I don’t know the number, but it’s incredible, but when you think about insurance companies, back then, only two percent of their assets were impaired. I didn’t know that. I think that’s like what is.

It’s like, wait a second, 9,000 banks went under, but of the Bank of the insurance companies, or sorry, 9,000 banks went under, but other insurance companies, only two percent of their assets were actually impaired.

Like, oh my God, that’s incredible. But think about this. Something more recent, thinking about 2008, what happened then? Incredible wealth was lost, was transferred. I mean, it was a disastrous time for the US and you know, essentially the of the world economy, right? Insurance companies, only one percent of their assets were nonperforming. Wow.

So think about that. Where would you have had your money in a 401k in the stock market, in a bank or in this policy, this strategy, because it was in the strategy, you would have lost zero money.

Yeah. That is such, such a clever, clever concept. Yeah, it’s, it’s phenomenal. And you know, the, the insurance company, you think about it, you know, banks have been around for quite a while, but the average age of these insurance companies is 107 years old.

They’ve been around a long time. They’re not going anywhere. Wow. Okay. So there’s no other name. Insurance companies are the ones that are tied to these policies. Yup. Yeah. And these are, you know, these are not stock companies are not traded on the stock market. They’re private companies and the owners of the insurance companies are the policy holders. It’s you and me. We’re the owners.

That’s the incredible part about it. Wow. How does that work?

Because they’re mutual to mutual insurance company versus, you know, a stock company which is traded on the stock market and the stock holders are the owners, but they don’t have to be policy owners.

So that’s kind of get into some of the details about it, have you know, how it works and why it exists, but uh, I mean, just imagine if you have like kind of power in your life and that to be able to not have to use a bank to get a car, so not use a bank or a credit card to go on a vacation, to not have to use a bank to buy real estate as an asset.

You are the one in control. So the market goes down, the market crashes, you lose your job, you can still have access to your capital to go invest in real estate, to support yourself, to retire on. You have access to this.

And so it’s a very, very unique and incredible strategy that allows people to build wealth in a completely different way. I’m hands free as well because it’s automatic.

It does it automatically and you don’t have to worry about the ups and down to the stock market and all that garbage. So it’s why one of the reasons why we love this, but it’s why successful wealthy people also love it because they can put money into this and guaranteed the growth and no, what’s going to be there year after year, generation after generation.

It’s why I like those wealthy families like you mentioned, love this, but it’s also why banks love it. Banks love the strategy because they can take your money by the way your money and put it into this strategy and they’re guaranteed returns off it,

Right? Which is crazy. It’s incredible. It really is. It’s the most overlooked step in the formula that, that, uh, that you laid out, that five step formula create something massive, you know, safeguard your wealth, acquire assets, multiple sources of income to have that strategy in there is just ingenious.

And that’s what separates the rockefellers from the Carnegie’s being able to protect that well, secure it, guaranteed interest on it. Uh, and, and, and probably the most secure way possible. I mean, how many people lost their money in 401ks, how many people lost their money in the stock market?

Um, and, and you’re kind of lending yourself to be controlled by the government, be controlled by banks. And in this scenario you’re in complete control. You can take your money out whenever and double dip on any kind of interest or asset building that you could possibly that you could possibly acquire.

It’s genius. So, uh, I’m sure that there’s more that people can learn about this. What I’ll do is I’ll get a link from you and we’ll put that for our listeners. We’ll put that on

We’ll put that on our resource page. And uh, and uh, it is, there’s more education that they can get on this if they’re interested.

Yeah, it definitely is. We have a presentation that we do that really dives into it and help people understand how they can use it in their life. Um, and then we have an opportunity for people that really want to do.

They’re excited about this and want to learn how to do it, where we actually work with them. And show them how to implement it and help them through that process.

Awesome. So we’ll, we’ll put that on the, uh, the webpage for you guys. If you go to cashflow and check out that resource page, um, we’re going to put that right on there so you could learn the, in depth details of this strategy and not only that, but you can get started on it if you’re interested in it.

Thank you so much Brian. Uh, this is, this has been an amazing podcast interview. Certainly eye opening for me. I have completely glazed over that second step, but a rest assured I’m going to take my next chunk of change and put that in there.

Awesome. Well, I appreciate the opportunity to share this because I believe, I honestly believe in my heart and soul that this is, can change people’s lives and help them create a massive opportunity and, uh, you know, well from their lives. So thank you for the opportunity.

Thank you so much Brian. I appreciate it. No problem.

Boom. Thanks for listening. Please remember to rate and subscribe. You’re going to want to listen to every episode as soon as it comes out with this episode. Has an idea or strategy deck literally change your life.

Listen, don’t miss out on the free investor pools that I have for you on my website has flowed that So go to

Get your free swag and lists and hit me up if you want to talk about how we can get you out of the rat race as soon as possible. Until next time, my name is Ryan Enk and this was Cash Flow Dad Life.

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