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So the big question is this, how do you create financial independence in today’s world where you can do what you love doing, spend time with the ones you love and provide for your family without being chained and selling your soul to a nine to five corporate America job without having to sacrifice going out to eat.

So you can pay off debt faster. The question isn’t, how do you save more? The question is, how do you make more without spending more time? That is the question and this podcast has the answers.

My name is Ryan Enk and this is Cash Flow Dad Life.

What’s up everybody? This is Ryan equit cashflow dad life. And I am excited about this episode because this episode contains the most important life changing question that anyone can ask themselves. And the other reason I’m excited about this episode is because I’ve got a very special guest with me today.

Go ahead and introduce yourself. “My name is Caleb and I am son.” Caleb is my third oldest son. You may have heard me tell stories about him. You don’t have to whisper, you know, people can hear you, you know, whatever. There you go. Beautiful. All right, so let’s get into it guys.

financial independenceThe most important question now. This is, this is actually very special story to me and I was going to do it driving across the causeway of New Orleans, but the first time I tried it, the audio didn’t come through and it was kind of patching, but instead you will get a very clear sounding voice with mine and my son as well with me here.

What’s important about the cause or another cause when New Orleans, it’s the longest bridge over water. Um, now I’ve gotten a couple of people that make comments on Facebook, like it was not the longest bridge in the world. The Chinese had the longest bridge.

Well, number one, do you really just the Chinese?

I know I don’t. And number two is a, it’s the longest bridge over water. Okay.

Not the longest bridge in the world, but I digress. Okay.

The causeway is the longest bridge over water in the world. And I remember driving across, I used to drive it every day for this corporate job I was working now is working this job selling copiers now, if there ever was a job that you would drive into work every day thinking God can’t want this and you just wanted to bleach your eyeballs every day and kick your own arse because you were um, you know, just in a, in a completely miserable position.

It was my job selling copiers and you think about copiers. Copy is our, um, there’s something that people don’t like, you know, everybody kicks our copier. And so when you walk in the door, they also want to kick you. And so you’re, you’re cold calling, you’re walking in completely cold, there’s nothing warm about it and you’re walking in and you’re asking people if you can sell them a piece of equipment that they’re frustrated with.

So I was just hating, hating this job…

financial independenceThat being said, side note, I learned a lot in the job and it was actually great as far as prospecting hand up in the air. Yes. What is jobs feel like? I’ve never had one. Oh, we’re going to change that pretty soon. How old are you? It’s about time.

Well, you could either start a business or you could have a job, but you probably need to know what a job feels like so you can really appreciate what passive income feels like. Natural job, like a restaurant or something before you actually let me have a job that I could start. It would be good just so you could feel the burn of putting in the hours and exchanging your time for money.

So anyways, I was in this job selling copiers and uh, I had just gotten chewed out by this customer. And the thing is, you know, when, when you, you know, it’s one of those jobs where there’s 34 people involved in the transaction.

You could be the only one who does something right and everybody else can mess up, but you’re the only point of contact with a customer that might sound familiar to some of you guys.

I had just gotten finished getting chewed out by one of my customers. He was actually the, uh, the business manager of the Catholic monastery. So imagine getting chewed out by a bunch of monks and it was, um, it was just, you know, a bad feeling.

So I’m driving across the longest bridge in the world and it, you know, the, every time the tire hits a new section of the road, it’s got this very methodical but dump dump and it’s just making me think.

I thought to myself, wow, I can’t go on living like, this is just a, this is a waste of my talents.

It’s a waste of my time. I feel like I could be in another position where I really helped the world or where I really make people happy. Not only that, but maybe I also provide better for myself and, and, and none of that was happening in this corporate job.

And so I thought to myself, why do I even have this job? Okay, that’s not the question, but that’s a preliminary question. So, uh, so you should ask yourself, why do you even have this job? And most times the answer will be, well, I need to provide for my family.

I need to buy stuff that I want, I need to pay for this gas to go across this bridge in order to have this job, you know, it’s kind of the cyclical stuff that sometimes we put ourselves into situations that we don’t have that we don’t want in order to afford the things that we don’t want to do that’s what’s called being in the rat race where you’re just spinning your wheels just for the sake of spinning your wheels and just barely keeping your head above the water.

I asked myself, why do we even have this job?

And I said, well, you know, because I needed a Ford things and uh, I needed to provide for my family. I needed to have food. I needed to pay off this college debt. I needed to pay off this debt or that debt or this loan. And um, and so then I thought to myself, right, what if I eliminated all of that?

What if, and this is the question, this is the question that will change your life, that changed my life. And the question is, what would you do? How would you serve the world if money didn’t matter?

Now that is the main question. What would you do if money didn’t matter and you had complete financial independence? 

I got to thinking about. Then of course is a very long bridge.

So I thought a quite a long time about it and I thought to myself, and look the way you answered that question changes every year.

financial independenceYou know, it might change every five years, every 10 years. So the way I would answer that question now is not the way I answered it back then, but that back then when I answered that question, I said, well, if money didn’t matter that I would probably play music or something and people could enjoy the music that I listened to or I would.

And I never thought about this before, but I was like, I’d open up an indoor sports arena like an indoor soccer because I love soccer and football and flag football. And so I thought I would open up an arena like that.

And then I thought, you know, maybe I would also like help others, you know, to, to create, you know, money so that they could live their purpose.

If money didn’t matter, I thought I would serve my church more, I would tie more, I would spend more time with my family.

Now, here’s the secret is whatever you answer that question or however you answered that question is probably what you should be doing right now. Most people are just kind of enslaved to this idea that they’ve got to put their time in, in order to get money and they don’t do what it takes in order to develop the passive income that provides for their family, provides for all the reasons that you have a job so that you could live your higher purpose.

So, you know, it was interesting about that conversation is directly after I, um, I asked that question and I answered it for myself. I called my wife and my wife and I had never had a conversation about this before.

And I called her and I said, hey babe, you know, I’m, I’m absolutely miserable, you know you’ve seen me when I come home, I’m disengaged.

You know, just, you know, Kinda my head is still in work and you know, I, I’m, I’m living every day like waking up with anxiety, you know, uh, thinking about what I need to go to work for.

And so I say, what can you see me doing if we had, you know, just say we had $10,000,000 in our bank account, which, what could you see me doing?

And we had never talked about this before, never had a single conversation about this. And she said, I don’t know, uh, you know, maybe playing music or something or, or, uh, opening up an indoor sports arena or something like that. So at that point I had this Aha moment where I was like, okay, sold. Okay, what if that’s what my wife is that’s on her heart.

And she just told me that out of the blue. And I just had that thought out of the blue after asking this question, than I should probably pursue this.

financial independence So with absolutely no money, in fact, negative money, I just started pursuing this dream to open up an indoor sports arena and play music and different stuff like that.

So after about a month of just pursuing a dream that I thought was just a dream, after a month I was playing music for different venues and making money on it. Um, and after five years, now did take five years, but after five years after starting to pursue this dream, having no money, negative money to do it, after five years, I’d opened up and over $2,000,000 indoor sports arena. And that was just a result of me pursuing that dream.

And this is an arena where, you know, we’ve had engagements happen, kids developing confidence. I’ve been their first coach for their sports, uh, you know, uh, people that spent everyday in cubicles live for coming to my arena in the evening to go play sports because that’s their one outlet.

You know, we’ve got adult leagues, Youth Leagues, we serve beer. You know it, it’s just been a great experience and that was all a result of me asking that question of what I would do if money didn’t matter. The second part to that though is that in order to make money, not matter, you’ve got to shift your mindset.

Now, if you feel like you need a job and you were working for money, then here’s the hard truth about it and I just have to be completely honest about it and you need to look in the mirror and be completely in a completely honest with yourself about it. If you are working for money than you are a slave to money.

If you are putting your dreams on the back burner, if you have a higher purpose but you’re not pursuing it. If you are not serving others because you are too deep in the rat race, then you are a slave to money.

And what I suggest is if you are in that situation where you are a slave to money, that you start doing things to make money work for you. Instead of you working for money and what you do to make money work for you is you develop passive income streams.

Now, what I did in that period of time, since the bridge to me opening up the arena to me, you know, consulting others is I, I basically used real estate as a channel in order to develop passive income. I’ve expanded my passive incomes, uh, since then we’re way beyond real estate.

But basically I took that same concept that I’m no longer going to be a slave to money. I’m no longer going to make decisions to be in a job that I hate and, and spend the majority of my life, you know, 40 hours a week and beyond and, and not even counting the time after those 40 hours I spend worrying about it.

I’m not going to spend my time doing that. Being a slave to money. I’m going to spend my time serving others, living my life at a higher level, not living five inches in front of my face, but 500 feet up fulfilling my purpose and using the gifts and the talents that God has given me. Okay?

Cash Flow Dad Life, financial independence So if that sounds like you, that I can direct you towards on my website, I’ve got seven steps basically that I’ve coached others, either the same seven steps that I used to get out of the rat race and to live a life of higher purpose and the same seven steps that I’ve coached many others to do the same thing.

So if you’re interested in that, you can check out and you can watch that free webinar on those seven different things you can do now. Oh, I’m sorry. We got another hand raised. Yes.

Can you get that on a candle because I want to see it.

Yeah. Maybe we’ll upgrade you to the IPAD. I actually don’t know if you can get it on kindle or not. I don’t use the kindle. What are we? What are you using the kindle for? By the way? I didn’t know I even gave you a kindle.

Oh, Santa gave me and games on it and I searched stuff. A funny videos. Funny. Okay. And there’s also Amazon on it. So I can watch movies.

Yeah. Listen, if any of you guys have any, a safe search recommendations, please, uh, please, uh, has a comment on this podcast or a youtube video and a and let me know, uh, because these kids are getting nothing but older right now.

You need to kind of like to pound them on the head and keep them small, but they wouldn’t want that, would they?

Definitely not.

All right guys. My name is Ryan Enk with Cash Flow Dad Life. I hope you enjoyed this podcast. Please. Let’s go ahead and make it official. If you enjoyed this, subscribe to it.

I’m a, I have a bunch of guests lined up in these next couple months that are experts in their fields,  giving you passive income strategies that you can start using and implementing immediately in your life to get out of the rat race and live your life with financial freedom. Take care.

Thanks for listening. Please remember to rate and subscribe. You’re going to want to listen to every episode because each episode will have an idea or a strategy that changed my life.

It could change yours. It only takes one for more information and for some great passive income investing resources. Check out my website, Until next time, my name is Ryan Enk and this is Cash Flow Dad Life.

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