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So the big question is this, what would you do if money didn’t matter? So you had millions in your bank account, what would you focus on? Would you spend more time with your family, with your wife, with your kids? Take family vacations.

Would you pursue your gifts and talents and dreams? Serve your local community, teach others, serve your church. You see if what you would do if money didn’t matter, it was pursuing your gifts and talents and dreams to serve others, and that is probably what you should be doing.

The problem is most people are in the rat race, living five inches in front of their face with no time to pursue what they were born to do. That is the problem, and the solution is to develop enough passive income to replace your working income so you can quit your job and be free to live your life the way you were created to.

That is a solution and this podcast will show you how…

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Ryan Enk:                          Hey everybody, welcome to another awesome episode of Cash Flow Dad Life. We have a special guest on with us today, Paul Del Pozo.

Paul, welcome to the show!

Paul Del Pozo:                  Ah, what’s going on man, thanks for having me on. Thank you. Thank you.

Ryan Enk:                          Thank you so much for coming. I invited Paula come on because Paul is just an all around great guy. He’s also, you know, really in the flipping game, as far as like wholesaling goes, so not just locally, but he’s also got a virtual elements of business.

But another really interesting thing about Paul, which is why I invited him to come on because we haven’t had a guest on the show like this, but he has actually a really cool facebook community called, “Flex and Flip” because he’s very into fitness…

It’s just a great community. I’m a part of it myself and it’s a great community to be a part of because, you know, there’s daily inspiration there that he provides.

Not only that, but it’s just, you know, like a, a community of real estate investors and people were interested in getting started in business. So, it’s amazing how much your actual fitness plays a part in your success in business.

But we’ll touch on that in a little bit. Paul, if you could just start us off, kind of tell us where you were at in your life before you looked at real estate and said, “This is something that I think I need to do.”

Paul Del Pozo:                  Right, right. Well Ryan, thanks for having me on and allowing me to share my story with your audience. I always love connecting with people out there that may have a similar experience in that can help them connect and just keep going forward and moving forward.

Before I got an investing, um, I was trying to kind of find my next thing, which is I think very common with entrepreneurs or investors there during that transitional period, trying to figure out what that next move.

I had spent about 10 years in the sports nutrition industry as a athlete and also, you know, as a salesperson now eventually sells manager within the industry, within one of the larger companies and in the business, but always with, you know, the desire of making things better within the company.

Paul Del Pozo:                  I had these things, oh, I can do this better, I could do that better. Nobody’s having this idea of how I would be able to do things all the while, you know, always having, as we call side hustles of right side project or a side job or a side, whatever to, you know, get more money or just kinda maybe a passion that you’re working on or something. Right?

So, I eventually started to kind of fade out of the, the sports nutrition phase in my life only because I think it was a chapter where I was looking for more. I had kind of pushed myself physically to achieve the goals that I had.

I had set out for, you know, you know, competing. I’m winning in bodybuilding contests. I’m just, you know, all the goals I had set out for myself at a very young age.

Paul Del Pozo:                  I started to kind of check off and now I was looking for, for something else. I was at that point in my life where I needed to do more. Right. I mean, just going to the gym and just perfecting myself wasn’t really given me that satisfaction…

So, you know, of course, you know, the business thoughts that are running in my head. I had an idea one day, well out here in California visiting, you know, you see all these people with these vaping devices, right? Electronic cigarettes.

Well, you know, let’s, let’s check into this. I started a e-cigarette business, right? And kind of weird for a fitness guy to get into. But I saw this opportunity. I saw this opportunity. I said, “Let me check this out.”

I made some strong connections with the key players I thought in the industry and started to establish my plan, created this business.

Paul Del Pozo:                  I just realized that I was just missing a lot of business fundamentals, had a lot of hiccups, and just ultimately didn’t have the success I wanted with that business. It was very short lived, maybe about a year and a half, two years.

And of course I got to that point and was like, what am I going to do next? Right. Kind of wondering, you know, I didn’t want to rely back to going into a sports nutrition kind of a path already gone.

I wanted to do my own thing. Um, so, you know, as the Internet is a, you do a search or you share your thought or idea one day and next thing you know, you’re getting bombarded by all sorts of ads and all sorts of, you know, a clickbait for whatever you’re looking for.

I got this real estate thing that hit me or my inbox, and I checked it out…

It's all about scheduling check out real estatePaul Del Pozo:                  It was something about, “Check out real estate. Learn what wholesaling is, no money down, you know,” all those things…

But I always had this thought in my head about real estate for many years, but I’d never really acted on it. So I said, why not let me check out what this Webinar is.

So I signed up the next day or two I listened to this Webinar, you know, I started learning what wholesaling with these terms are, what we can do and I’m like,

“You know what, I can do this, I can, I can figure this out.” I mean, most of this sounds like, you know, BS to me is what I thought, but let me sniff it out. Let me try to figure out what’s real, what’s not.

So I start reaching out to folks. I called my cousin…

Paul Del Pozo:                  I knew he was doing some real estate stuff at the time. I had no idea. And he’s like, yeah, you know, I do some wholesaling or do some rehabs, uh, this, this and that. So I started looking into it.

And then before you know it, I’m fully obsessed with Youtube University, with every online resource to try to get as much information.

And before you know it, I get a list of pre foreclosures and literally I’m telling you, this is a matter of three, four weeks, it’ll list the pre foreclosures. I’m out there knocking on doors, pull them.

Two weeks later I get a deal, boom, create. Uh, I, I, uh, I proved that to myself, this works, I can do this, going to crush this. And then crickets for months, you know, but now I at least was in the game. I had proven to myself that I can find a deal now.

Paul Del Pozo:                  It was really about just figuring out how to make this, you know, repetitive or, or actual real business. Right. So that’s kind of where I went to where I am right now. So she went through the process and you know, that’s the hardest thing that I tell everybody is just getting that first deal. How much was that?

That first deal, what was that check, man? That’s that first deal. That was a $15,000 assignment. Thousand Dollars. Nice. Oh, so you used the assignment method to. Yeah, yeah, we assigned eight. I actually, I’ll kind of tell you the nitty gritty on that. Um, so I knew of a local Reia.

They, uh, at the time I was living in Florida, they were called, they’re called the Bria Brown real estate investors association.

You have pretty big strong program down there and they had a, like a joint venture type program out there or if you didn’t have buyers, which of course at the time I, I had none, you know, you’re, you’re in a mad dash to try to find your first property and then you get one and what do you do with this thing?

Paul Del Pozo:                  Right. So I had in those couple of weeks while I was learning what this business was, I was just reaching out to people and make contact with these guys. Went to one of their meetings.

So I already had a really, um, really quickly establish some initial relationships. Um, so once I had this property locked up, I knew they had this jv program that they had seen them, you know, kind of mentioning a.

So I reached out to them, um, and we, we ended up splitting ideal, if I remember, it was like a 70, 30 split in my favor. So it was actually pretty good.

Uh, so we were able to sell that property in the matter of, I don’t know, half hour, 45 minutes, put it out there on their list, blasted it out, got it locked up. And it was, it was gone. It was unbelievable.

Paul Del Pozo:                  Man. That’s awesome. So, um, you know, I think we closed on it a couple weeks later, you got that check, picked up a check and it was the most unreal, most amazing thing.

And you know, what the number one most important thing, I’ll tell you what it was and until the whole audience was getting buyin from my wife, you know, she really understood, look, you can make these checks.

Okay, cool. Bring it on, you know, the droughts of the peaks and valleys along the way that would come, but at least we very quickly.

Yeah, you can make a, you know, you can make a healthy, a healthy check from, from these kinds of deals. Oh man, that’s, so, that’s so important when you’re starting something new and your wife’s like a little nervous at first and you know, can we really get paid and you chase rabbits out of the hole.

Paul Del Pozo:                  Then you show her a check and a that it’s incredible. I mean we’re, you know, we’re like lining up to get married at the time and, and, and you know, just a lot of things or uncertainty from, from business world, right?

As the entrepreneur entrepreneurs, I’m sure a lot of league it was a lot of times when you’re like all in and just trying to figure things out and thinks can be scary. Uh, but, but she’s, I mean she’s my support system man.

I mean, you know, it’s really important to have that, you know, everybody talks about the partners in business, but you know, your partner at home is really, um, I think the number one partner because they gave you a mental stability to kind of stay focused.

Stay your course even when when things aren’t good and things are tough sometimes because let’s be honest, you know, it’s not all roses and sunshine and business building.

Paul Del Pozo:                  I wish it were a, most of what people don’t see is the majority of the time when things can be kind of rough flyer growing things.

Ryan Enk:                          Yeah, absolutely. Yeah. It’s so important. We’ve actually done a show about spouses, uh, on cashflow dad life and my wife came on and spoke and it’s so important, like it’s, it’s Kinda like that, that thing from that scene from rocky where if Adrian’s not supporting him, he’s not fighting the right way, you know.

Exactly. Know if they have that support. Um, let’s, uh, let’s transition a little bit, if I could ask you about this, one of one of the biggest barriers, if not the big experience.

In fact, I think it’s like 98 percent of the game is like the mental aspect of things like you, you’ve got the entrepreneurial spirit and you’re an action taker.

Ryan Enk:                          But I think that a lot of people aren’t just born action takers. You know, there’s a certain habit that you get in by doing some of the other things.

I mean, it might’ve been how you were raised, it might have been some of the other habits you’re forming and what is so important in setting that mindset is your fitness and your fitness goals. Like everything’s interrelated.

It’s all interlocked. Can you share a little bit about how much your physical fitness and your goals there played a part in developing the mindset to get that first $15,000 check that you got in real estate?

Paul Del Pozo:                  Yeah, I mean, it, it comes down to that, that athlete mindset and, you know, I tell you it was, it, you know, it developed very early on for me. Um, I was put into sports at an early age. You know, as a kid, I was always very active outside running.

I don’t know, maybe it was the generation I was coming up from. We were all still outside running around, uh, uh, even though we’re trying to play with her Nintendo’s back then, right.

Um, but, you know, sports were always there for me and I always, I don’t know, I guess my mom was competitive.

She was always competitive in sports. We played growing up. So that all sports did you play? Well? Um, I played baseball, I played a lot of tennis from, from very early on, Phil, about high school time, like at a competitive level.

Um, so we played tournaments and you know, we’re, we’re very competitive within the family to have a plane. So that was just kind of put into me and competing and pushing hard to win and pushing, pushing, pushing.

And when I say pushing, I’m pushing to the point of, of, you know, without getting gross here, but like throwing up, like being on the court, he’s working hard on a hot summer day, you know, that it was a lot of time when I was off from school and just playing hard until, you know, killed over, threw up, rehydrate it and kept playing.

Paul Del Pozo:                  That’s going to crossfit, but it’s playing tennis. Yeah. Push them hard yet. Exactly.

But whether it was tennis, uh, eventually in high school I started running track and that’s really where I started really understanding what a coach like pushing you to point of break really was a, remember there was times at track practice, you know, I remember a coach, I don’t even remember his name now, but it just coach yelling at me, come on, I’ll pause the lance, got it, lets go.

barriers feel like failing don't panicAnd it was always to the point of being sick or just pushing to the point of, I can’t do this anymore, but realizing what that felt like and knowing that the next time out I was going to be on that, you know, that you start to build this thing in your brain where it’s like, okay, you know, the tough times really suck.

Paul Del Pozo:                  But getting through that tough time gets you that little bit further. So I guess, you know, in my early days that really got implanted in my head as I got older, got into competitive bodybuilding.

Uh, that’s a very, um, it’s a solo sport if you will, to a certain degree because it’s, you know, you’re, you’re, you’re building.

And creating this thing that you want to present, you know, and these contests, this physique, um, but you spend a lot of time within your head and there’s hard days, there’s days that you don’t want to be consistent, you know, there’s a strict diet, there’s a strict this.

So I think my early, the early tools of pushing and being competitive help themselves at that phase of my life where I knew I wanted to look a certain way. I knew I wanted to, when I knew I had goals, but, uh, but as I started pushing forward and I struggled, I knew each struggle was me getting that that bit closer.

Paul Del Pozo:                  Um, I never connected that with business, right? Because at those, at those times, everything was just very separated for me, you know, late teens, early twenties. It was a sport just sport and there was never a connection of business.

But as I started going and an evolving, um, you start to kind of see these things. And I think personal growth too, very important personal growth and understanding of your own personality.

I’m big on personality test now. In determining kind of who you are and also the team that you’re working with, so you know how to best handle situations. So a lot of, you know, a mental growth and personal growth, understanding of yourself over the years and time helped me when I got to the point of business. Right?

And let me kind of tie that in. Where you know, in business, let’s say you start going to the gym and it’s like you have this idea where you want to go, right?

Paul Del Pozo:                  You, you have this idea that you want this business, you want it successful, you all a lot of money, whatever that means. Or in the gym, you know, you want to lose weight, you want to look a certain way, but you don’t really know where to go.

You start doing a lot of things, you’re disorganized, you go a certain direction sometimes and it doesn’t pan out for you. And the same thing with dieting. I mean, you know, people how many times I’ve come up to me, Paul, I can’t, I can’t lose weight. I can’t do this.

But really finding the structure, right? Find some structure. Finding some guidance, uh, you know, coaching if you will, you know, whether it’s in business or whether it’s an in, uh, in, in sport, uh, and really just kind of finding the steps, finding discipline and going day in, day out.

Paul Del Pozo:                  I’m just trying to focus on the battle daily, you know what I mean? Battle. It’s like you’re your own biggest battle, you know, in our head, you know, sometimes we, we question our abilities to be able to get places, you know. Sure.

When I was 18 years old, I question the ability to be able to train with a Mr Olympia, one of the best in the world, you know, but I, I had these thoughts, but I kept pushing forward and ultimately years later these experiences happen.

You know, I got to train with the best in the world and uh, you know, call some of the elite athletes in the world, you know, friends and be a part of that. Uh, and now the same thing with business.

I’ve kind of opened myself out there and reached out and connected with some of the elite elite, let’s say successful.

I’m a pros in our, in our business, in real estate, have gotten some tips, advice, um, you know, and, and apply that to my everyday battle with myself.

Ryan Enk:                          Awesome man. Yeah, no, I, you know, it’s one of those things where it’s like when people are starting off and in real estate, a lot of times I compare it to people who start off in the gym. There’s, there’s two types of people, you know, there’s people who continue with it and they’re successful with it.

And there’s people that stopped because they think it doesn’t work. You know.

So like a lot of people get started with real estate and they, they go out and they, they try knocking on their feet first, pre foreclosure doors, sending out one set of mailers and uh, and then they don’t get results and they go, oh, that didn’t work.

And it’s the same as if you were to go to the gym and you’re like, you know what? I want to be a bodybuilder. And you go and you kill yourself in the gym for a day. And then you look in the mirror the next day, you’re like, oh, it didn’t work.

Paul Del Pozo:                  Yeah. But let’s relate that to something more realistic. Yeah, right. I mean, most people don’t become bodybuilders, but most people want to get in shape and we have the first of the year just, you know, right around the corner and everybody, you know, sets a goal. It’s a big of the year.

And most people fizzle out after about a month or two. And why? Why is that? You know? And, and, um, it, it’s just, they don’t have that proper mindset or the proper expectations or the proper idea of, of um, I’m just understanding what it’s going to take. Right. And I think that happens with business.

We don’t know what it’s gonna take to actually get this giant machine forward, right. To get this ball moving forward. Getting a deal is easy. One deal is very easy, you know, second deal, they’re out there having consistent deals happened all the time and creating a business around it that, that’s the tricky part, right?

Um, you know, going into a gym for one bad ass workout or having like an awesome run one day, that’s fantastic. But what’s, what’s the big picture view there? You know, how’s that work?

Ryan Enk:                          Yeah, consistency. Consistency is key to have long term success in that. Um, so let’s, let’s talk a little bit about your favorite deal. You know, you’ve made a couple of deals. I get your first one, 15 grand, that’s spectacular.

You’re kind of doing some more stuff that’s even virtual now and setting up some systems. Tell us about that.

Paul Del Pozo:                  Yeah, yeah. Yeah. So, so virtual wholesaling buying came about in my world because I used to live in south Florida. That’s where I started my business generated lead flow was doing deals down there.

But as life has it, you know, we, my wife and I had decided to move to California, um, but I still had a leaf flow in south Florida and I didn’t want it to just go away. What am I going to do with this? Right. You know, so I decided, hey, let me just start figuring out how to handle the pieces I can’t handle there.

And in one, you know, obviously I can’t go on appointments because I’m in California, that might be an expensive, uh, you know, round and round trip every time I need to go on an appointment, so I need to find somebody locally to go on appointments.

That’s what I started working on, you know, sort of working on really first I looked at my relationships with people that had done business with um, you know, people that I knew had the same values that we aligned well with.

Paul Del Pozo:                  I really kind of started looking at my network of people that I’ve worked out with over the last year or two, uh, through my flex and flex and flip efforts. Um, I tell you why I’m, I’m, I’m going, I’m here.

People that workout or meet up with me and you know, we had a workout, you know, they’re kind of likeminded. So I’ve used it, used it as a way to kind of connect with folks that have similar like minded goals, you know, as far as like fitness, health, life in general.

So from this pool of, of my network, I was able to find the folks in business in Florida that I could start doing deals with. Um, so we started to kind of, you know, working out those relationships.

I would handle the front end of marketing. They would handle the back end is getting deals closed and done and sold.

Paul Del Pozo:                  Um, so, you know, over the last who would write the workouts right here, right here, should we try to work out, you know, and, and, but that, that goes hand in hand with my partners, you know, uh, my, my partner Paul in southwest Florida, you know, we often talk about a workouts and how that is and that’s struggling in.

We encourage each other on that front and talk about business. Encourage each other on that front. So it all Kinda ties in, you know, it’s a lot of mental, mental, a push and mental battles that we’re supporting each other on.

Ryan Enk:                          Yeah, that’s awesome man. Yeah, that’s, it’s such, such an important point that you touched upon that, you know, when, when you start doing this at a high level like you are and you start needing to build a team around you and you mentioned earlier you take in, you know, personality tests, like do you take the disc profile tests? That’s the one that we’re most.

Paul Del Pozo:                  Yeah, yeah, I’ve taken it. Yeah. I mean I, I literally, I’ve had everybody around me, my family, everybody, you know, people are working because he just gives you a good sense and it’s funny now that I’m very familiar with results and stuff. I can meet somebody and be like, okay, I know where they are.

They’re a high d or whatever it is, you know, and, and uh, I think it’s really important to understand yourself first off, right? Like a lot of a lot of people just go through life and not really understand how they’re wired or how, maybe earlier life events and situations and upbringing, um, you know, drive you or have caused you to think a certain way.

Questions patternsSometimes in the negative. Right? Sometimes we have behaviors or patterns that we just do because that’s just what we’ve done, uh, but when we can assess ourselves or know how we respond to things based on interaction with folks or who you know is on our team and things like that, I think we just get better understanding and, and, and just can move it all forward. Better.

Ryan Enk:                          Yeah. Yeah, absolutely. I mean, just, it’s birds of a feather flock together and uh, when you have like-minded people, it just makes getting results all the more easy.

You’re not fighting over different ideas or concepts or ways of going about things or you’re not struggling with someone that has a completely different mindset than you have.

Paul Del Pozo:                  I mean, that’s the most important thing, man. Building people that are on your team or in your support network that are, are, are supportive. The APP can give it to you straight of course.

But you want people that want generally the same kind of thing. Um, you know, really the circle of influence. I mean, who are the people around the rights of. Yeah, that person, that’s always that obstacle or that struggle.

They’re just negative, that just a Downer for the team or yourself. So you got to try to stay away from that as possible.

Ryan Enk:                          Cut them out. Get out of here Nancy. So tell us about your, your favorite. Yeah. I mean you were telling me you’ve done, you know, one of your biggest deals was like $64,000, but tell me about your favorite deal and how that went down. Favorite deal?

Paul Del Pozo:                  Well I’ll tell you, I guess a favorite deal was, was one of the virtual deals we did earlier this year once we got all the pieces together, uh, from here and had different, you know, whether it’s lead manager.

I’m a cold caller, acquisitions manager is really having all the pieces in play and watching all that proceed to the end and then getting that first deal done a smaller deal about $12,000.

Nothing too huge. But just the process and being able to sit here in California where I now live and watching the deal happen in Florida. I mean, to me that blows my mind.

You know, we, we live in a time where we have technology that is just ridiculous. I mean, we can run businesses from anywhere, you know, I’m, I’m, I’m fortunate to live in southern California, so I take my laptop wherever I have wifi or signal strong I plug in and do work from.

Paul Del Pozo:                  But I have the ability to work from the beach side or on a hillside or wherever I want and that’s just because of how I’m building the business that I want from yourself, you know, being a business owner, um, and being in real estate, you know, we, we realized we grow a lot, right?

And we start learning about how to kind of create, um, businesses that we want to serve our life and our lifestyle. You know, we’ve, we’ve all spent many years working for people working in businesses, working in other structures for other people’s goals.

So now when you have a chance to run your own business, um, you start doing it in a different headspace and you start figuring out, hey, you know, I want certain way, I want a certain freedom, right?

So all the time, you know, I could around, you know, I’m going to flex and flip my way to freedom, which is ultimately what I’m doing, you know, building real estate, using real estate as the vehicle to secure my future.

Paul Del Pozo:                  I mean, that’s, that’s really what it’s all about, you know, and, and really flex and flip is really a sense of, you know, all things, um, you know, business fitness in life, which are all essential.

I preach all the time, you know, I’m always preaching and people should work out, stay healthy, be fitness in, in, um, in health conscious, right? Because while we’re building business, while we’re focused in our lanes, you know, a lot of times that’s all we’re thinking about, right?

balanceAnd then we kind of struggled balanced life and in our jobs and business building, but sometimes we forget about ourselves and staying healthy and staying focused on, on making sure we’re around as long as possible, you know?

Um, I, I have a lot of, a lot of friends that I know, you know, they, they lived unhealthy lifestyle. So they’re dealing with health consequences a way, you know, um, diabetes, things like that, and you don’t want to see those things.

Paul Del Pozo:                  You know, especially if you worked, you know, hard to build a business to give you the freedom and the last thing you wanna do is get stuck in a position where you can enjoy that freedom because a, you’re ill or you’re sick or whatever it may be.

So fundamental. I mean, and I’m a little bit hypocritical because I haven’t worked out in over a month and I’m starting to feel like a real fat son of a bitch.

But you know, when you do work out, it gives you so much energy, energy, it drives everything that you do, you know, the energy to make a call, the energy to send an email, the energy to make an offer, the energy, the mental energy to, to, to work the numbers and write up the offers to call. I mean like, and it gives you those endorphins.

Paul Del Pozo:                  It makes you feel good, you know? So it’s just, it’s, it’s, it’s such an important thing that really it’s foundational, you know, not just long-term, like you’re saying where you’re dealing with health issues that affect your work, but just on, on the short term, you wake up and you work out in the morning, you feel good that day.

You know, I mean, think about this, it’s always the, the, the, the people that are out of shape or own workout, consistent that, that are what we say, oh, I’m tired. It’s been a long week.

Oh, it’s because their energy levels are awful. They’ve been eating crap all week, you know, they, they’re just, they don’t have a endorphins running through a body. Good mental energy going through their brain, starting on a positive note.

So yeah, there was the field tired, you know, working out, it’s not going to make you feel tired as opposed to what some people think it’s going to give you that energy if you choose to work out in the beginning of the day, which, which I do, you know, it’s fantastic.

Paul Del Pozo:                  Gets you going, you feel accomplished. Or if you choose to work out later in the day, you know, you, you, you, you just, you know, you get your stuff done and then you have your goal of accomplishing your own personal goals.

You know, you can’t be half ass. I let me preach about this or you can’t be half of this. You’re going to commit to being healthier and stronger. Commit. Don’t go once in year, right? You gotta. Make sure you stay there consistent.

And look, I’ll be, I’ll be straight. You know, we all have moments of kind of falling off and maybe inconsistency, but at least, you know, if we can keep it in our mind, not let it go too far out where then, you know, reeling it back in becomes tough.

You know, it’s okay, it’s okay to fall off, but as long as we reevaluate ourselves, you know, oh, have I been doing the right things?

Paul Del Pozo:                  Maybe for business too, you know, as your, as your business, you know, fallen off, have your revenues, your how have your goals not gotten to where they wanted? Did you not put the full effort of your plan throughout the year? Um, you know, it’s just good to kind of assess where you are at the end of the year.

Now, you know, let’s assess where we are so that we can dial it back in for the beginning of the year and just having those checks within yourself and within your business are really important. Exactly.

Well, this is so awesome and having this podcast right before New Year’s, you know, everybody’s starting to make their resolutions, you know, and just a great time to reflect on this guys and to, and to think about being consistent in everything that you do, whether it’s business and in your, your fitness.

It’s all huge part of it…

Paul Del Pozo:                  I want to recommend for everyone to go to Paul’s facebook group right now and join the flex and flip a community. Uh, it is, it’s phenomenal being a part of it because you get daily inspiration from Paul and, and motivation to keep on going. And uh, and right now it’s free. So you know, you really should charge.

You really should charge for fall, but it’s awesome that it’s free, but guys, you know, if you, if, if you are like minded, you know, with, with this podcast, if you like what Paul had to say and uh, you know, you want some inspiration to, to, you know, get started in business or keep going in business.

And the same thing with your physical fitness checkout, flex and flip face guys, come, come check it out. You know, we got a lot of high level investors, entrepreneurs, business owners in there.

Paul Del Pozo:                  Um, you know, it’s not just me posting, there’s, there’s a lot of investors in there posting to, you know, through their, their struggles and their success of, of, of business as well. Um, lot of, lot of flux that I admire and what they’ve accomplished in there.

And I like to help and support my, my, you know, my colleagues in this industry that we’re in together. Um, so I encourage anybody that has some sort of connection, whether it’s sports or fitness.

And that you’ve heard what I had to say. If you have any, um, you know, interests, come check out the flux of sub group and it’s open to everybody right now are a couple of questions I want you to kind of answered before you, you submit, you know, man, I’ll tell you, a lot of people don’t like answering questions.

The ones that are really interested in you fill out the questions…

Paul Del Pozo:                  Three real basic questions on what you’re looking to, uh, to, uh, accomplish with us and with the group. And, uh, you know, I welcome you to come join us. A awesome man. Well, Hey, thank you so much for sharing.

Ryan Enk:                          One, one last question for you. Um, you know, especially going into this new year, if you are in the position that many people are in where they’re looking to make a change in their life, both with their fitness and their business.

Maybe, you know, let go some fears and get started investing in real estate or any other passive income type investment. What is, what is your, you know, in your opinion, what is that one domino that knocks down all the other dominoes? Where’s the first place to start?

knock you down Bullying you can't play with usPaul Del Pozo:                  Yeah, just putting it out there, man, just putting, you know, saying it out loud, making a post of it, you know, putting it out in a group, telling your family during Christmas.

I mean, just putting it out there, but I’ll be honest, you know, and uh, I’ll forewarn people, people will laugh, ridicule, you know, they’ll, they’ll knock you down.

But put it out there and keep putting it out there because if he keeps saying it and you keep believing you’re going to achieve it, I mean we can do literally, we can do anything we want.

We just got to continue to believe it and just continue pushing forward. That’s what, that’s what you gotta do.

Ryan Enk:                          I freaking love that answer, man. Thank you so much.

Paul Del Pozo:                  Thanks man.

Ryan Enk:                          Hey, thank you for coming on the show.

Paul Del Pozo:                  Thanks so much, man. It was a real big pleasure.

Thanks for listening. Please remember to rate and subscribe. You’re going to want to listen to every episode as soon as it comes out. It hasn’t been an idea or strategy that can literally change your life.

Listen, don’t miss out on the free investor pools that I have on my website So go to gets a free swag and lists and hit me up. If you want to talk about how we can get you out of the rat race as soon as possible. Until next time. My name is Ryan Enk and this was Cash Flow Dad Life!


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