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So the big question is this, what would you do if money didn’t matter? So you had millions in your bank account, what would you focus on? Would you spend more time with your family, with your wife, with your kids? Take family vacations. Would you pursue your gifts and talents in dreams? Serve your local community, teach others, serve your church.


You see if what you would do if money didn’t matter, it was pursue your gifts and talents and drains to serve others, and that is probably what you should be doing. The problem is most people are in the rat race, living five inches in front of their face with no time to pursue what they were born to do.


That is the problem and the solution is to develop enough passive income to replace your working income so you can quit your job and be free to live your life the way you were created to. That is a solution and this podcast will show you how.


What’s up? Everybody? Welcome to another episode of Cash Flow Dad Life. My name is Ryan Enk, your host, and today I’m going to be talking about having the right tools to get started or to beef up your real estate investing. But bear with me today. I had, I had a hell of a morning. My wife and I, we get up every single morning to, uh, to spend time together…


Typically we get up at five. Now that’s not always the case. Sometimes the snooze button is hit, but most of the time we get up at five and we make some coffee and we sit down on our couch, look out on the river and we go through a, an acronym called trip.


Personal Reflection Thankful Intentions Plan InspirationSo when we say what we’re thankful for, we reflect on something, some piece of, you know, either it’s scripture or it’s, you know, I like business success stuff, inspirational videos, reflect on something.

We say, what our intentions are, and then we plan the day. Now sometimes it’s not always a trip…


Some that full acronym, the Tri p, sometimes it’s just a, you know, just the tr because the kids get up and they wake up.


Well, in this case, you know, we were on our reflection time and our youngest woke up and this kid was off the hook. Today he comes downstairs, we didn’t even hear him. All of a sudden he comes over to us while we’re praying and he says, Mama Mama match.


He had taken, he had found the matches somehow, which we’ve already hidden from him from past experiences. He found them in a bag and he dumped them all out on the floor. All right, great. So we go and we start picking up these matches. And it used to be the case that with five kids, it used to be the case that when I heard silence, I was like, Oh yes.


Finally silence. Now when I hear silence, I’m like, Oh crap, what? What is he getting into? Where is he? So we’re picking up the matches and all of a sudden I hear silence again. I don’t hear him anymore. I’m like, Oh crap, where is he? And she looks up and she has this face of fright. So I’m like John Paul one too, you know, when you count, that’s like the magic thing with kids, you know, three.


And then he scurries over. He’s like, what? What? You know? And he’s, he’s basically upstairs emptying out a bottle of soap.


So now we go upstairs. My Wife’s picking up the matches, I’m cleaning up this mess with soap and all of a sudden as I’m cleaning up this soap, he comes back into the room where I’m cleaning the soap. And he had got into the baby formula somehow.


Just basically put his paws in it, dump it all over his face. He looks like a little cocaine addict. He’s got white powder all over his face. And he’s like, Dad, Dad, Dad, dad, whatever you saying, I don’t even remember. I was just like, kid, what is your deal? I’ve got to literally handcuff you somewhere so I can clean up every single mess that you just made.


You just bouncing from one thing to another. Just creating a disaster zone. So pray for my wife today guys, because he’s, uh, he’s in mode and uh, and uh, I’m, I’m here doing this podcast with you guys thankfully. Um, so here’s a, here’s one of the points I want to make a. I want to, I want to talk about tools today and the tools that you use and I want to talk about working smart instead of working hard.


So my oldest son comes up to me and uh, I’m getting them to cut the grass now and he’s, he’s out there, he’s cutting the grass and he comes in with some scissors and he’s got this, this, you know, great idea. And he says, Hey, Hey dad, how much would you give me to cut the entire lawn with scissors?


And I look at him and I go like, as a dare. He’s like, no, just because I’d be working harder. And I said, right, great. We’ve got this whole working hard thing down. Perfect. Now it’s time to teach him how to work smart because working hard is just one small part of the formula in life.

If, if working hard was how you get ahead and make money than coal miners would be millionaires and my son would be a millionaire from cutting the grass with scissors and so then I had to have a discussion with them.

Look, son, time is money and if, if you want me to pay you, I will reward you for efficiency. If you get it done faster, then guess what? Now you can start a lawn mowing business because now you can go and you can ask other people if, if they want their lawns cut and you can get a lot done in a week.


Lawn mower business edgerSo really what you want is you want that automatic Mower, that zero turn riding lawnmower. You want the gas, uh, edgers. You want the gas blower, you want all the tools that are going to make it as fast as possible to get that job done. And you know what? Even if you want to step past that and said, all right, I’m going to get all the tools and then I’m going to get my buddies to go do it.


I’m going to get my buddies to mow the lawn…


If I do that, then I can focus on getting more business. So if we’re able to churn out 20 lawns a day and then we’re done, I got a ton of cash in a short amount of time and then I can hire more crew, buy more equipment, go out and get more business.


And so your job isn’t sweating behind the lawnmower, your job is just getting more business and your job isn’t a, you know, definitely not sitting there with a scissors and cutting the grass.


You’re job is getting more business. So one of the things that people start out with with real estate, they get started and, and they’re just working hard and not working smart so they don’t have the right tools. Um, you know, they’re basically using a scissors to cut the lawn so they’re not, they’re not, uh, they’re, they’re using zillow for their comps, which is inaccurate information.


You know, some of it is accurate, but it’s not completely accurate. And when you’re investing in real estate, you know, 100, 50,000, $500,000, you kind of want accurate information to base your comps off of. Uh, they’re not, they’re not. I’m using the right analytical tools. They’re, uh, they’re doing hard work with marketing.


Like when you’re in real estate and you’re a real estate investor, you need to find motivated sellers…


So some of these motivated sellers are pre foreclosure, a tax lien sales people who just file for bankruptcy, people just filed for divorce. We can go to the courthouse and you could cross reference all these things. Um, you could go to the, um, you know, find the parcel number and then go to the courthouse and find the address, see if you can find the name of the person and then go knock on their door.

And I do recommend some of these strategies. In fact, driving for dollars is a great real estate strategy, but there are easier ways. And one of my students approached me and said, Hey Brian, you know this, this idea of driving for dollars is great, but I’ve got a 40 hour a week job, I just don’t have time to make this list and drive around. That would take up my Saturday.


So if you’re in that boat where you want to get started, but you just don’t have a ton of time, then there’s ways to buy time. Like if you were to buy a zero turn riding lawnmower, that would buy, that’s going to be a little more expensive than the scissors, but it’s going to save you a ton of time. So on until you guys about this software, it’s called prop stream.


And what it does is it basically, I’m one of problems when you first get started with real estate investing, if you’re not a realtor, is you don’t have mls access.

So to become a realtor, you’re really paying 1500 to $3,000 in dues and that gives you the mls access and other stuff. But you’re going to have to pay that every single year. And if mls access is all you need, a prop stream actually has mls access. So any data that you need to pull up for real estate investing, um, you can through this software.


So if there’s comps that you need to check if something’s on sale, and then you just want to see what the price of it is when you’re driving around, it’ll show you that.


Now the other problem is if you’re going out and you’re trying to find creative financing deals, these are people, uh, for example, if someone went through bankruptcy and one of the things that could help them improve their credit is if you took over their mortgage payments, they went out and they got another place to rent and you were able to take over their mortgage payments.


Well, you kind of have to play this guessing game in negotiations with those people, uh, see how much they owe on the house, figure out what their interest rate was on their loan. And, um, and, and at that point you can kind of reverse engineer it to try to find out how much they owe, what their interest rate is.


make them an offer that winsSo you can make them a good offer that’s a win, win for their situation and for your situation…


Well, this software actually has the recorded records of what the mortgage amount was and what the interest rate was and the estimated equity in the property as well.


So you can take a property that you’re interested in this from a motivated seller and you could figure out exactly how much they owe and you could figure out what kind of offer you can make that’s both a win for you and a win for them without having asked them, hey, what is your interest rate?


What did you get your mortgage at? Now people will tell you if they’re motivated, some of them, and some of them want you to do this guessing game and see what kind of a offer they can garnish from you. So this kind of eliminates that. You can basically see all that data right there.


Now the next thing it does is the software gives you like heat maps, so you could analyze data in an area, you can analyze the Roi, the return on investment. You can analyze whether the property values are going up, whether going down, based on these heat maps, you can analyze, um, uh, basically if you are going to get into this property, uh, you want to be able to see how many days on market, each thing in that neighborhood goes for.


So it’ll show you the average days on market that everything sits in that neighborhood…

So that is actually just in and of itself a tremendous feature of the software. But the next thing that I find incredibly beneficial, especially for investors is it will have pre-framed lists of motivated sellers and you can categorize them. So, uh, they extract their data from county clerk records, from filings a. they’ve got multiple data points that, that fill into their system.


So you could basically pull list of everybody who’s gotten pre foreclosure in the area, who’s gotten a pre foreclosure notice, a notice of default, or at least pendants. Uh, you’ve got lists of everything for auction in the area. You can pull up a list of everybody who’s been published as having a tax lien on their property.


You’ve got a list of everybody who’s got a bankruptcy report who had just filed for bankruptcy.


Everybody who’s just filed for a divorce, um, there’s basically a bunch of lists that you can pull up that fall into lists of people who are motivated sellers.

 engineered voice message bankruptcySo what you’re able to do then is you’re able to basically go on there and uh, and, and pull up these lists and then you can create campaigns out of that list.


So if you don’t have time to drive around to everybody, you can create campaigns where basically you just take that list and you can do a voicemail drop so you can do a prerecorded voicemail that these people get into.


Double deliver a specific engineered voice message with a save as somebody’s going through bankruptcy with you, you know, letting them know that you’re a real estate investor in the area and that you can help, um, you can send them postcards, you can send them emails and you’ve got their address so you could drive for dollars and, and, uh, and visit with them as well.


So it gives you all those tools to where you can actually extract those lists of motivated sellers and start marketing to them.


If you’re in that position where you’re like, I don’t have time or I want to spend money in order to save time and create a shortcut. This software is, is actually outstanding. Okay. I’ve been, I’ve been very, very impressed with it.


So it’s called prop stream. And just to give you a framework on how much it costs. This isn’t my software. Okay.


This isn’t something I invented and they deal only offer it through real estate mentors, which I am. So you can get it on my website so that I’m just trying to find the link for you guys. Okay. So it’s And you could do a five day free trial on that software from my website.


And the cost of it is a lot less than it is to become a realtor. So like I said, you’re looking at 1500 to $3,000 just to become a realtor just to have the mls, not necessarily to even a purchase list of motivated sellers.


So the cost breaks down to $69 a month for this software, which to me personally is, is incredibly worth it. So if you guys are interested in checking that out, it’s This is a way to really use the right tools. You know, this is your zero turn gas riding lawn mower instead of the scissors.


If you’re really serious about getting started and you want to have a full arsenal of data, data is key when you’re negotiating. And this, this system really gives you a lot of data and again, you can try it for free for five days, no obligation, and all you gotta do is go to the website to do that. All right guys.


So I hope that helps. I hope that gives you a great tool and let me know if I can help you any other way with your real estate investing. Take care.


Thanks for listening. Please remember to rate and subscribe. You’re going to want to listen to every episode as soon as it comes out. It hasn’t been an idea or strategy that can literally change your life.


Listen, don’t miss out on the free investor pools that I have on my website So go to gets a free swag and lists and hit me up. If you want to talk about how we can get you out of the rat race as soon as possible. Until next time. My name is Ryan Enk and this was Cash Flow Dad Life!

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