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So the big question is this, how do you become financially free in today’s world where you can do what you love doing, spend time with the ones you love and provide for your family without being chained and selling your soul to a nine to five corporate America job without having to sacrifice going out to eat.


So you can pay off the debt faster…


The question isn’t, how do you save more? The question is, how do you make more without spending more time? That is the question. And this podcast has the answers. My name is Ryan Enk and this is Cash Flow Dad life.


Hey, what’s up everybody? This is Ryan with cashflow dad life. And today I’m going to tell you guys about this weird trick that you can use to get more real estate deals than anyone else. So if you guys are interested in that, then, uh, just, uh, just listen because I’m, I’m about to tell you…


So I was on facebook and on this, a local real estate club, um, and I was posting, I post there frequently because I get all these real estate deals. And uh, you know, I was making these posts and after a while, after a couple months, this one lady sends me this message is kind of like an angry message and she’s like, how are you getting all these deals is ridiculous.


Like she was almost upset about it and you know, I try to help her. I was like, well, um, are you looking at this source?


Are you looking at this source? Are you looking at that source? And she’s like, I’m looking at all those sources, so how is it that you’re getting the deals? And I’m not. And so I’ve got a, a secret that I use and it has nothing to do with the sources.


See, you know, a lot of people, they, they know exactly what they want.


They even know how to get there…


You know, they know the steps, they know the sources, but they don’t spend enough time dreaming about their vision. Okay? And dreaming about your vision, you know, what you want to do and what you want to accomplish. It has everything to do with how you program your brain to treat your opportunities throughout the day.


Dream and vision and your brain throughout the day


Um, so a little while ago I was talking to a friend of mine who’s also in real estate and he had just made this wholesale deal and he was all elated and uh, he, he had just cashed a $60,000 check.


And I was like, dude, that’s awesome. He’s like, listen, listen, I got to tell you about something. Here’s my trick on this one. Um, I, I watched this documentary called the secret and he told me, look, you know, it’s a little, you just have to not throw out the baby with the bathwater.


He’s like, it’s a little hokey…


He’s like, just be open minded about and just listen to it because, you know, I’m a good Christian guy and there are some things in there that like a little new agey that aren’t completely parallel with, with my faith.


But I was like, yeah, you know what, I’ll give it a look…


And I started watching it and he was right. There were some weird things in some obvious like you can get rich quick, you know, like, like type things.


In the documentary, but there were some stories in there that are absolutely true and that absolutely can’t be argued with. And a lot of it I believe has to do with how you program your brain, how you treat your future, How you vision your future.


Okay. So one of the stories was the guy who wrote chicken soup for the soul and he talks about how he had this dream board, this vision board, and he cut out this house from a magazine and he said that this was his dream home. He cut out this house, he put it on his dream board.


And then, uh, you know, he envisioned himself being in the house and what would it look like, what it would feel like. And a couple of years later he was unpacking a. He had just moved and he’s unpacking and his son brings out this, uh, the old dream board.


And he goes, “Hey dad, what is this?” And he looks at the dream board and he looks at the House that he had cut out of the picture.


Jim Carrey Acting Rendering


And it was the same exact house that he had just bought and they give countless examples of different people that…famous people that are saying, “Yeah, this is what I did and this is what happened.”

One of them was Jim Carrey and he was talking about how he was broke and he had taken a check and he wrote it to himself for $1,000,000 for acting services rendered.

And one year later, you know, again, he would envision that everyday you look at that check every day. And then one year later he received a check for a million dollars for acting services rendered for creating “Dumb and Dumber.”


So, after I watched the documentary, I was like, you know, there is something to that.


And that’s the exact same thing that kind of happened to me…


You know, I had already achieved a certain level of success. I’m a, at this point, I’d already opened up this multimillion dollar sports arena, indoor sports arena, and I didn’t even have any money when I first started pursuing it. And what I did is I remembered that I would dream about it frequently.


You know, I would, I would spend some time during the day envisioning sometime in the morning, sometime in the evening and I would, I would envision all aspects of it. I would spend at least 30 minutes thinking about what it feel like to walk in the door.


I’d imagine the smell of the artificial turf, as weird as that sounds, I’d imagine that bringing the clean pennies out of the dryer, greeting the customers, sitting around with my buddies after playing a soccer game and drinking beer.


And years later when I finally built the multimillion dollar arena, it was way better than I had even envisioned it for myself. And what I think happens is your brain is like a servo mechanism and that’s kinda like a military term for a heat seeking missile. And what you’re doing by frequently envisioning a situation or something that you want, what you’re doing is you’re programming your brain automatically to pursue it.


And so it becomes subconscious in your pursuit of that end goal. And no matter what obstacle gets in your way, you naturally navigate around it. So that’s what I did with this, this multimillion dollar indoor sports arena I was envisioning everyday.


And then I go out and I talked to a banker and the banker would tell me no. Okay…


And then I’d give an investor a business plan and they tell me no.


Want to quit and give up but your brain says NO


Well, naturally I want to say, well let me just quit and give up, but my brain is like, no, no, no, no, we’re going to keep on going with this. We’re going to keep on pursuing it.

And it wasn’t even a conscious effort for me. It was subconscious that I just kept on doing things that brought it to the next step because my brain was programmed to hit that target.


So one of the things was people kept on telling me no. So I was like, well, you know, I am just like a copier salesman right now, uh, who’s going to invest millions of dollars into me. So it’s like I’ve got to have a soccer business. So I just naturally was like, Hey, you know, uh, why don’t I buy this soccer tots franchise?


So I bought this soccer toss franchise and then I went to advertise the franchise by setting up a booth at a local fair will the chairman at the local fair just happened to be also pursuing opening up an indoor sports arena but didn’t have the operating component to it.


So we partnered up and things just kinda fell into place. And the same thing with the real estate. We said we went and looked at this land and that didn’t work and I just kept on looking and kept on having different pots boiling until finally we opened it up. And, and there’s a lot of factors involved in that.


But a great deal of that has to do with just how I program my brain to pursue this and how it naturally took the opportunities when they presented themselves that day. And it navigated around all the obstacles where everybody else would have quit or given up. It naturally just kept on navigating around those obstacles until we hit that target.


Okay? So that’s what you can do on your end is programming a program your brain. But the, uh, the documentary, and I thought this was a little hokey and a little strange and I wasn’t sure if I quite believed that the documentary talks about energy and how everything is energy and, um, and how we send these vibrations out to the universe and the universe brings us things.


And I thought that that was a little hokey and I’m still not sure I believe that and honestly, I don’t care. But let me just share, you share a story that made me really think maybe there is something to this. So after I watched the documentary now already applied it to my life, I was like, look, you know, this obviously happened with the indoor arena.


I should never have been able to accomplish this. I’m nobody special. I’m so, I’m just going to start doing this with things I want in my life. So, uh, one of my guilty pleasures, and I hate even saying this because it makes me sound pretentious and I’m not, but I just like yachts, you know, and I don’t even like the word yet because it just sounds so, you know, stuck up.


But I do, I really love yachts…


And so what I would do is I would always canoe down the river and at the marina I’d go in and I’d look at the yachts. Well, there is one particular yacht that really caught my eye, was like, you know what, for my family, this one would be perfect.


I would love a yacht like this one…

Yacht still adventure in it


Um, and just had all the elements that I could enjoy wasn’t too big where it was like loud that you were like this big guy in the river. But it was the right size and you could adventure in it. I’m just spending some time thinking about this.


So I spent some time every day thinking about the wind in my hair, being with friends and family, uh, taking my family down to Destin and uh, you know, cruising with drinks and music and just spend some time thinking about that experience and really feeling it well.


And after awhile I stopped, you know. I just stopped thinking about it and at that time I was doing the foreclosure sales and I made friends with some of the people who work there. And one of the ladies was like, hey, did you know that next week there’s actually a yacht up for foreclosure?


And I was like, no kidding. I love yachts.


I remember being like, let me just analyze this. I couldn’t see the light because the way the sale was set up. So I was like, I’m just going to analyze to see whether or not this makes sense. I’ll flip a yacht, you know, why not, I’ll try it because I love them and this is actually a financial opportunity.


This isn’t like a splurging spend. A Doodad so to speak…


So I was like, let me just see if I can flip this yet, what the price would be. So I kind of had it appraised at about 100, 20,000, a hundred 50,000, I forget which one it was, but I know that my stopping point was about $80,000 and we get to the foreclosure sale and we start bidding.


This guy goes 60, 61, 62 63 64 65, 66 and then I put in my bid 67 and then the bid stopped and I actually won. They, my stopping point was 80, but I want it for $67,000. And so it was like, holy crap, I can’t believe I just got a yacht. I had to call my wife. I was like, Hey, I know you didn’t want me to get a yacht until we were way past at another level, but I just got one in the foreclosure sale.


Don’t get mad, I’m going to flip it, you know. But it took us a year to flip it. And in that year we took it down to destin and back, just like I had imagined all the visions of the friends, the family.


But here’s where it gets weird…


When I went to pick up the art on the back of it, it said “Tenacious.”


It was the same yacht that I had envisioned, a that was looking at in that arina the previous year. So there is something to that. Is it the universe and positive energy bringing people together? I have no idea.


I honestly don’t care…


GOd blesses those with a vision


But I do think this with my Christian faith. I think that God blesses a vision. I think if you, he tends to put these dreams on your heart and he puts these visions on your heart and if you spend time thinking about what is his will, then I think he blesses that.


And I think that that is what probably happened in my situation. And I definitely know that that’s what can happen in your situation as long as it’s his will. The thing is you have to be aware of one thing that kills dreams is fear.


Okay? So I think he blesses it because most people have these visions and they have these dreams, but they immediately let fear kill them off before they even start.


So that is essentially my secret, you know, I apply that to everything in my life that I want, that I’m pursuing, you know, if it’s real estate getting deals than I will imagine going to the guy’s door getting that contract signed.


I will imagine receiving that check at closing all…


Imagine, you know, finding the perfect tenant in the house. I will. I’ll spend time envisioning that and that is the secret on why I get some of the deals from the same sources that other people aren’t able to get now.


 I did not have time on facebook messenger to tell it to that lady and to be honest, it would have just coming across as like a Weirdo, you know, if I, if I say, well, did you try looking at craigslist? Did you try looking at zillow? Did you try the Hud home store? Did you try envisioning your dreams?


You would have just sounded weird, but I’m telling you, there’s something to a guy so, uh, envisioned frequently, dream frequently, dream often, dream in a very vivid way, and just just try it. It actually comes at no risk to you and see what happens.

that's my secret

That’s my secret…


That’s my weird mindset trick to get more real estate deals than anyone else. Check it out.


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