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Whoa, what’s going on everybody? You’re listening to episode number three of cashflow, dad life. My name is Ryan Enk and today I’m going to help you figure out where to start making passive income investments to quit your job and live life on your own terms. Now, a lot of times when people get started, they don’t know where to start because there’s so much information out there.

Cash Flow InvestingDo you start a business and automated? Do you invest in real estate? Do you do something online? Well, today I’m going to help you sift through the weeds and figure that out. So if that sounds good to you, then let’s skin this pig. What? Let’s again this pig. I’ve never heard of that before.

Yeah, I know. I just made it up. So think about…

So the big question is this, how do you become financially free in today’s world where you can do what you love doing? Spend time with the ones you love and provide for your family without being chained and selling your soul to a nine to five corporate America job without having to sacrifice going out to eat so you can pay off debt faster.

The question isn’t, how do you save more? The question is, how do you make more without spending more time?

That is the question. And this podcast has the answers. My name is Ryan Enk and this is Cash Flow Dad Life.  Let’s talk cash flow investing today.

So my wife every year goes on this retreat, which is Austin. It’s like a women’s retreat. And uh, it’s great because she goes away, she comes back rejuvenated and our marriage is better and our family life is better. And I do the same thing. I’d take a retreat once a year as well. Well, when she goes, I’ve got all five kids to myself, which a lot of people are like, oh my gosh, I didn’t do that.

Well, you know, I actually liked my kids, so it’s not a big deal for me. I actually used it as an opportunity to maybe do something with them or watch a movie that maybe he’s not completely kosher with the lady friend and uh, and uh, you know, we have this great man time bonding experience because it got all five boys.

There’s no girls in our household…

So one year we watched the entire Lord of the Rings series, which was great. A lot of learning lessons like, um, like a, you know, what happens during an ORC decapitation I’m like being true to your cause and perseverance, uh, you know, there’s ways to spend the violence to make it like, you know, to make it sellable when, uh, when your wife comes back in town, you know, they learned all these virtues here.

Next year we watched Braveheart, which is a, you know, a step up with real live decapitations had a couple, a couple of bad dreams from the kids.

And that might not have been the best decision of mine. But that is a great movie about freedom. And, uh, and I’m, I’m staying, I’m sticking to my guns on that one. But at any rate, this one particular weekend, I loaded all the kids in the car because we had to go to a soccer game and as we’re driving my second oldest son, Everett, he says, dad don’t feel so good.

Well, I’ve heard that before. So I rolled down the back right window. You sitting in the back right?

And I said, well, just just get, uh, get some fresh air. Maybe. Maybe you’ll feel better. A couple of seconds later he’s like, “Dad, dad, I think I’m gonna throw up.”

Well, we’re not at a point in the road where I can stop or pull over for him to throw up. And so I rolled down the window and I say, all right, look, I can’t stop now, but if you’ve got to throw up, just lean your head out the window. OK? And just throw up outside of the car please. As I’m telling them this, we’re approaching this traffic circle.

Cash Flow InvestingI don’t know if any of you guys have traffic circles in your town, but it’s basically, it’s actually great. One of the best days of my life is when they replaced the stoplight with the traffic circle is basically you merge onto this circle of traffic and then from there you just go around the circle until you find your exit.

So we’re merging onto this traffic circle. At that point it’s coming on full force with my son in the back and he starts throwing up on the side.

So like any good dad would I think to myself, well I don’t want him puking on the side of my car, then I’m going to have to clean the car up. So what I do is I just punch the gas and I’m going at like light speed around this traffic circle because my way of thinking is if I can go fast enough, I took a physics course, right?

So if I can go fast enough to. The inertia will project the vomit away from the car and that way I don’t have to clean it up when I’m done. So that’s what I do. So I punch the gas and I’m going at light speed around this traffic circle.

I must’ve gone around like 20 times as he is just sitting there throwing up his ever living ass off. OK. He’s just puking all over the place now as we’re going around. This traffic circle was really funny because coming onto the circle, merging on was the student driver and the look on his face as he’s uh, you know, I pass him like three times and this kid is like, you know what? I’m going to learn how to drive. This is going to be such a freedom experience for me because as soon as I know how to drive, I’m going to be going everywhere with my friends.

I’m going to do all this cash flow investing stuff…

Well, he approaches this traffic circle and the look of sheer horror and terror on his face. He absolutely freezes up and he doesn’t merge onto the traffic circle. He just stops and cars are starting to back up behind him as I’m going like 90 miles per hour around this traffic circle over and over and over again while my son is just eyes out.

Can’t believe what’s happening just puking all over the place. And so finally, my son, excuse me, finally my son finishes doing this thing and uh, and I slowed down and I let him catch a little bit of the air. I tell him, look, keep your head out the window and just get some, some air.

Meanwhile, his brothers were just like laughing at them in here. And so I slowed down and I noticed that there’s, this student driver has got like 12 cars behind them and he still hasn’t merged onto the traffic circle because he’s so mortified about what’s going on inside here.

And so finally I slowed down and uh, you know, I don’t know if it was, I was just being irritable or whatever, but I just rolled down my window and I said, the sign says yield not surrender. And so I kind of waved them with my hand and he kinda goes by and then it gets off at his accent.

OK? And he goes to his destination. Now the reason I mentioned that story is because I started this real estate investment club years ago. We have about 50 members. And what was most interesting to me is that in this real estate investment club, we had about 80 percent of people that joined, had never invested in real estate before and after a, an entire year in the club, we were teaching on all kinds of things.

We’re teaching about lease purchases on bond for deeds, on investing in apartment complexes and creative financing. Just all kinds of things like all these different strategy of vacation rentals, all kinds of different strategies within real estate. And it was interesting is after an entire year, only 70 percent of them, I’m sorry, 70 percent of them still hadn’t started cash flow investing.

Now I say this because you were either one of, most people are one of three people in the story that I told…

Cash Flow InvestingYou’re either my son, Everett, who is decided, hey, we’re going to go into this circle, OK, and this circle is going to give me the destination of where I want to go. But you’re just sitting there going around and around in that circle. It’s information overload.

There’s so much information and ways to go that you’re just Hewkin your life out because you don’t know which selection to take which channel to take, or you’re the student driver as I’m going 90 miles per hour around the circle that you’re just.

You decided, look, I know that I want to make passive income, and you approach this circle of freedom that’s going to allow you to make a choice that will change the direction of your life and you approach this circle and you see this guy who’s just in his ass off and you think, wow, that’s terrifying.

I’m not sure I want to do this anymore. Maybe I just do the corporate route. Maybe I just take the bus everywhere that I go or I hop on, you know, an uber or let other people drive me around for the rest of my life. I will never experience freedom because that looks terrifying.

OK, or you’re the third person in that story where it’s, well actually the same person but a different way. You’re the person who’s approached the traffic circle. You’ve said, I understand that this freedom you’ve seen, how scary it can look because of all the different directions that you can go and how everybody else is experiencing this traffic circle. And someone says to you, the sign says yield not surrender. OK, and that’s what I’m saying to you. Now, look, I know it’s confusing. I know that there is a lot of stuff out there, but the sign says yield.

You still need to move forward because this is the best thing for your life. Right? But don’t surrender and say, well, I’m just not going to do it because it’s too much. Don’t let analysis paralysis kick in. All right, so I’ve got a couple questions for you and later on in this podcast I’m going to direct you to my link on the website with a survey that has these questions for you and based on how you answer those questions will show you and determine the directions that you can go.

So you’re just not spinning your wheels.

You’re not just like mortified on the inside of the circle. You’re not terrified of the outside of the circle. You’re in there, you have someone directing you on where to go and giving you the path to financial freedom. So here are the questions that I have for you.

OK, one, are you interested in real estate to are you interested in starting a business or an automated business? Both of those can provide passive income that make you financially free. Now, do you have something that you could teach people or maybe you say, I don’t have anything that I can teach but I can get attention and I can develop a following, or maybe you’re saying I can do all those things. I like real estate.

I like business. I like developing a following. OK, so maybe you like all of those things right now, the next question is what is your risk level? Are you high risk, moderate risk or low risk?

And then another question is what would you prefer? Would you prefer the quick nickel or would you prefer the slow dime or are you sitting there saying, can it be both? And then another question is, what would you rather flip for cash or would you rather buy and hold and maybe as well you’re saying, can it be both and then do you have time or maybe you have very little time or maybe you have no time.

That also determines direction. You take on that circle and then you might say, I’m looking to be my own boss and have another job, or you’re looking at say I’m looking for passive income. I don’t want another job. OK, but I have time to make something or to to time that I can make to set something up that’s really important is a really important concept about passive income is nothing is entirely passive.

You need to be able to dedicate time to set something up in order to make great cash flow investing…

Otherwise give all your money to a financial advisor and invest in low returns on the stock market. OK? And then another question you would ask is, am I looking for high cashflow, moderate cashflow or low cash flow? Or are you saying I don’t need cash flow, I just need quick cash or I want cashflow and quick cash.

Can I have both and then a question about you liquidity.

Cash Flow InvestingCan you buy stuff with all cash? Now real quick on this question, if you haven’t listened to episode two about the difference between money and capital and how much money you really have, I highly recommend after you’re done listening to this to go back to episode two and listened to the teaching on the difference between capital money.

So can you buy stuff with all cash or can you get bank financing or are you saying, I might need to work on my credit a little bit, but I do have money to invest?

Or are you saying I’ve got no money, I’ve got no credit, please. God helped me.

All those questions make a difference on what way, what direction you decide to go and making passive income investments and becoming financially free. All right, so I hope this gave you a little bit more direction.

What I definitely recommend doing is going to my website, I think there’s a button that says, start here that will give you a survey that asks all these questions and based on how you answer those questions, I will personally give you recommendations and guidance on what you should focus on.

The one thing you should focus on right now to get started, oftentimes the problem is that we’ve…

We’ve got so many ideas, especially entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs like have 10 different ideas and they try to execute them all. The biggest thing for you right now is to find that one thing that suits your situation right now and pursue it at a hundred percent. So boom. That’s it guys. I hope that helped you get great direction.

I encourage you to go to the site and fill out that survey, and once again, my name is Ryan Enk and you were listening to Cash Flow Dad Life.

Let’s all become financially free together. What do you say about that?

Sound good? Sweet…

Thanks for listening. Please remember to rate and subscribe. You’re going to want to listen to every episode because each episode we’ll have an idea or a strategy that changed my life and could change yours. It only takes one for more information and for some great passive income. Invest in resources.

Check out my website,

Until next time, my name is Ryan Enk  and this is Cash Flow Dad Life.

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